Red Tent Women’s Circle

Evolving and celebrating together.  The Red Tent is a safe place to share and honor through supportive, creative and ever evolving experiences.

Nicole Coulter is Circle Facilitator at the Energy Connection.

Third Friday of Each Month


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“Telling our stories is one way we become more aware of just what ‘the river’ of our lives is. Listening to ourselves speak, without interruption, correction, or even flattering comments, we may truly hear, perhaps for the first time, some new meaning in a once painful, confusing situation. We may, quite suddenly, see how this even or relationship we are in relates to many others in our past. We may receive a flash of insight, a lesson long unlearned, a glimpse of understanding. And, as the quiet, focused compassion for us pervades the room, perhaps our own hearts open, even slightly, towards ourselves.”
-Robin Deen Carnes & Sally Craig



*** Please feel free to bring***
1. A journal and a pen
2. A photo, thought, poem, story to share within the circle- everyone will get a turn to speak or you can just listen.
3. A drink or snack to share if that resonates with you.
4. item(s) for our circle created altar. I.e. flower, rock, stones, art, anything you would like to see. You are free to remove the items at the end of the evening or can roll over to next month.
5. Bring you. The real true you with an open heart and mind.


I am really looking forward to digging deeper within our magical circle.
Any ideas, thoughts or suggestions with what you would like to see or do is ALWAYS welcome.




After much thought I am asking for a small donation of a few dollars or however it moves you to complete the energy exchange- for instance a garden tomato, homemade bread, a small gift or anything that inspires your gratitude. No one will ever be turned away due to lack of funds.
All cash received will go towards the improvement and longevity of the Red Tent Circle.