Anna Smith, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Trauma Healing Specialist, She Gathers Women’s Circle Facilitator

Anna started her own personal journey to alleviate chronic body pain.  While she thought her focus was for the physical pain to go away, she discovered that Reiki offered so much more. In her first Reiki class at Energy Connection, she was delighted to feel a positive shift in her body pain as well as a sense of emotional empowerment.  She found when the emotional and spiritual imbalances tied to her pain began to heal, the physical symptoms were greatly alleviated.  This personal revelation, and the feelings of peace and balance created within, connected her deeply to the experience of Reiki.  Anna believes in the power of positive energy and the intentional energy of Reiki. Feeling emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually transformed, Reiki changed her life and her outlook and inspired her to become a Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher.  A larger purpose was born, and she is committed to give the same sense of hope to others who may feel helpless in their own pain.  Recently Anna has added to her private practice by joining the team at Energy Connection, where she continues inspiring and helping others

Anna has been trained in crisis counseling and medical advocacy through PAAR, where she volunteers as a Certified Pennsylvania Sexual Assault Counselor, and comes to Energy Connection with years of experience creating and facilitating empowering programs as Director of Outreach. In her practice, she has helped those who challenge their bodies through the physical demands of their careers, such as athlete James Conner, former Pittsburgh Steeler, as well as offering individualized personal sessions to meet the unique needs of her clientele.  She has also served as Deacon in the Presbyterian Church, is certified in mediation training and has worked with people with disabilities.  Anna will be also facilitating She Gathers, a women’s support and empowerment circle at Energy Connection.

Contact Anna at 412 346-8009 

Email [email protected]  or [email protected]

  • Act 33/34 & FBI clearances, trained in First Aid/CPR
  • Personalized Individual Reiki sessions
  • Distance Reiki sessions
  • Specializes in Holistic Trauma Healing
  • Pain and Stress Management for high physical/mental demands (athletes, first responders, military)
  • Discounted sessions for First Responders