Manifestation Classes

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Please note that classes are scheduled intermittently. See the Calendar of Events to find out which classes are currently on the schedule.


spacerManifesting with the Angels

With help from the Angels, you can create and manifest all that you desire in your life. This class includes a guided meditation to clear away any unhealthy thoughts and beliefs that are blocking your path to abundance, prosperity and joyful living. NO, we are not meant to live in a state of lack. Learn to define your desires. Begin to recognize what you are really wishing for in your life. The Angels can help you discover what you are attracting to your life and how to make changes to get back on track. The Angels do not judge us, nor do they judge our wishes and desires. It is up to us to keep our intention in line with our highest good. . Bring to class: a wish list of three things you want in your life (e.g., financial abundance, good health, perfect job, loving mate, etc.). Come once, come often, bring a friend.

Instructors: Janet Jackson
Duration: 2.5 hours
Cost: $30

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spacerManifesting through the Chakras:
Going into flow

Feeling sluggish or unfocused?  Can’t seem to start or finish a project?  Have a dream going unfulfilled? Learn how the vital currents of energy within and between the chakras provide pathways to manifesting. Liberation lifts you to that refined source of vital energy where you encounter insight, creative inspiration, connection to Divine guidance. The Manifestation current descends from that vital source bringing you into a state of readiness where you can act as well as attract in the physical world and create what you are committed to manifest. The story of how your creative energy flows in ascending and descending currents will bring a greater understanding of what might be blocking your progress. Know that a clear, unblocked flow goes a long way toward making your dreams and aspirations a reality.

Instructors: Kathy Duffy
Duration: 2 hours