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spacerAnimal Reiki Classes are offered by Janet Jackson.

  The Animal Reiki course is designed for those who wish to expand their Reiki journey to include working with animals (both wild and domestic). People are not the only ones that can benefit from Reiki healing. Animals are very responsive to Reiki. In fact, in many cases, animals are even more responsive to Reiki because they do not have belief systems and rigid mindsets that people can have. Therefore, they can easily accept the Reiki energy for what it truly is…unconditional.

Some of the subjects that will be explored in Animal Reiki Level One

• Hands on healing protocol; Practice on live animals!
• The energy systems and chakras of a variety of animals; AND how to approach them energetically

• Animals’ relationship to healing energies;
• Clearing and scanning animal energy fields;
• How to treat injuries & emergencies;
• Exploring how an animal’s session differs from a human session;
• Clearing your home of unhealthy energy; AND how to manage your own discordant energy to keep both your animals and humans from absorbing it, (based on what the animals have taught Janet), and Much more!

Usui Reiki (for people) Level One Training with any Reiki teacher is a prerequisite.

Janet welcomes your questions about Animal Reiki. Please feel free to reach out with a call/text: 724-244-4471
Tuition $150

Animal Reiki Level Two is your next step…see expanded descriptions at

spacerAnimal Communication Class ~ Level One:

Communication with animals can happen in a number of different ways. By consciously connecting with animals in a specific way, we can communicate our intentions and requests with greater clarity. Every day, whether you notice it or not, you and your animal friends are communicating with each other through your intuitive nature. We do not often give ourselves credit for “picking up on” intuitive information from our loved ones and our environment, but everyone is intuitive to some degree. Intuition, or “gut instinct” is a natural skill that can be developed and, with some practice, will enrich and strengthen your relationship with your animal friends, both wild and domestic, as you learn to address important issues and behavior challenges. My students are always amazed at how much information they receive from animals during and after taking this class. You will be too! This workshop could truly change your life!

Highlights for Level One Class:

  • Begin to notice your own unique communication style and explore the different ways you are already receiving communication signals from your animal friends, other people, and your environment
  • Practice opening your mind and heart to establish a clear line of communication
  • Practice being a good listener
  • Try some fun exercises to explore how you receive your intuitive information
  • Explore life from the animal’s perspective to gain greater understanding of what it’s like to be “in their paws”
  • Practice intuitively communicating with the companion animals of your classmates by using photographs; and receive validation for your information.
  • Learn about the power of love and the effectiveness of heart centered communication.
  • Explore the ways in which you may be keeping your animals “stuck” in unwanted behavior patterns and how to make improvements.

Bring photos of your live animals to the class (bring one photo for each animal that lives with you). To better prepare yourself for the class, please try to read at least one of the following books before the workshop: Animal Talk, by Penelope Smith or The Language of Animals, by Carol Gurney, or Learning their Language, by Marta Williams. Advance Registration requested. NOTE:  You may still attend the class if you have not read a book.

Prerequisite: none

Instructor: Janet Jackson, Animal Consultant, Healing Specialist welcomes your questions about Animal Intuitive Communication. Please feel free to reach out with a call/text: 724-244-4471.
Duration: 7.5 hours, usually runs one day from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm.
Cost: $150

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spacerAnimal Communication Class ~ Level Two:

Communicate with animals who have departed this world and are living on the “other side” in spirit. Learn to communicate with wild animals and numerous animal kingdoms. Deepen your relationship with nature as you commune with trees, plants, nature spirits. Explore the profound messages that all forms of life can bring. If there is time, we will do some problem solving with your live animals.

IM000622Bring Lunch, Notebook and PHOTO(s) of your own dearly departed animals. Please try to have one animal per photo – paper copies only

Prerequisite: Animal Communication Level One Class with any teacher

Instructor: Janet Jackson
Duration: 7.5 hours, usually runs one day from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm.
Cost: $150

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