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* ANGEL Group Healing CircleANGEL Group Healing Circle

ANGEL GROUP HEALING: Join Janet Jackson to experience the loving and deep healing energies of the Angels. Experience the loving embrace of the Angels as you are cleared of non-beneficial emotions, energies, stress...... then bathed in the light of God's Universal Grace. [Deep H.U.G.G Healing]…. You'll feel lighter, peaceful, and renewed! All Welcome, $10 love donation 6:30- 8:00... Please REGISTER IN ADVANCE with Janet to hold your spot. Space is limited to allow for social distancing. Fills up fast! We will social distance and diffuse essential oils to keep the air clean. You will receive a confirmation text or email. Call/text 724-244-4471 or email: [email protected]

* Reiki Level 2 - Online ZOOMReiki Level 2 - Online ZOOM

Time: 10:08 pm

Ready to take your Reiki to the next level? Learn to send Reiki over distance and expand your ability to help others with deep healing in the mental/emotional aspects. Experience a powerful healing for yourself as you connect to the high vibration of Reiki Level Two. You will no longer feel helpless in any situation you encounter from helping loved ones from a distance to world events and natural disasters. You will receive a manual, a Certificate of Completion and the advantage of learning from experienced instructors. Completion class date TBD during class. PREREQUISITE: Reiki Level One Certification. Tuition $225.00. Pre-registration is required with $100 deposit. Payment in full prior to class. TO REGISTER or QUESTIONS: Call/text Linda at 412-760-6933 or Mia at 724-219-9375. TO PAY: Click on class title above to pay deposit/in full via Paypal (Note name, phone & class in memo). Checks or credit cards also accepted. OR MAIL PAYMENTS/DEPOSITS to: Energy Connection, % Linda Yarbrough, 150 Robbins Station Rd., North Huntingdon, PA 15642

* REIKI LEVEL 1- In PersonREIKI LEVEL 1- In Person

Time: 10:00 am

May 7 from 10 am to 5:30 pm Completion Class May 16, 6:30-9:00 pm. Both session required for certification. Usui Reiki is your foundation for personal healing, for awareness of spiritual energy directed with intention and discovering transformation possibilities. This course is for those seeking healing; physical and emotional ease; and the realization of their potential for wholeness. Powerful in its simplicity, Reiki is for everyone. By the end of the first class day, you will be educated and inspired, and experience giving and receiving Reiki with your classmates. Since the inception of our Reiki School in l998, our students share in the enthusiasm and awe of the experience. And you can too! Preregister by clicking on class title on calendar. Paypal portal takes credit cards or paypal payments. Tuition is $150

* She Gathers-Women's CircleShe Gathers-Women's Circle

Time: 6:30 pm

Gather with like-minded women to heal, share, grow and prosper. Monthly on 2nd Thursday. If you want to to join, Call or text Anna Smith, Facilitator at 412-720-5759. 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. $15 Donation

* Holy Fire III MasterHoly Fire III Master

Time: 10:00 am

PREREQUISITE: Usui Reiki - Level 3 - Advanced Practitioner, Master or Reiki Master/Teacher 2 Day Class - Jul 31 & Aug 1 - 10:00 am to 6:00 pm Advance Registration with Linda Yarbrough 412-460-6933 or Mia Rusinko 724-219-9375 no later than July 27th Are you ready to incorporate a powerful but gentle addition to your Reiki practice, consider Holy Fire II Reiki. Holy Fire Reiki developed by William Rand, ICRT, provides increased levels of purification, healing, empowerment and guidance through Source energy. This practice has the unlimited potential to heal you, develop your spiritual nature, invoke higher levels of consciousness and bring you tremendous freedom and happiness. The Holy Fire energy will more fully become a part of you during a special placement which will enable you to use the energy for your personal healing as well as the healing of others. For questions call Linda at 412 760 6933 or Mia at 724 219 9375 Cost $325 with $100 deposit to hold your spot and the remainder due prior to the start of class. Cash, check, Paypal or credit card excepted


Time: 10:00 am

Day 2 -August 1- 10:00 am - 6:00 pm 2nd day - attendance is required

* Reiki Level 1 Completion ClassReiki Level 1 Completion Class

Time: 6:30 pm

6:30 pm to 9:30 Your completion class for May 7th Reiki One. Learn more, share more, and be inspired. Certificate upon completion.


Time: 6:30 pm

This class was previously titled ANGELS IN WAITING CLASS: In this class you will learn how to call upon and work with the Angels of God to make your life smoother and less stressful. There are Angels for every thing and every purpose. (that includes your Guardian Angels). Learn how to easily access these Divine beings to assist you in every aspect of your life. Angels can guide us every day…...every step of the way. The Angels don't judge us. They love us just the way we are and they are anxiously waiting to assist you! We were never meant to walk this path alone! The class will consist of lessons in accessing the Angelic realms easily and quickly for any situation. When you pay attention, you will notice their signs. 6:30 pm. $30. To register, please call/text Janet Jackson, Angel Practitioner. 724-244-4471

* ANIMAL REIKI-Level 1 ClassANIMAL REIKI-Level 1 Class

ANIMAL REIKI CLASS -LEVEL ONE Sun. May 22, 2022- 10 am to 5:30... Note: If you would like to re-sit in on this class, you can attend again for half price tuition of $65.... The Animal Reiki course is designed for those who wish to expand their Reiki journey to include working with animals (both wild and domestic). People are not the only ones that can benefit from Reiki healing. Animals are very responsive to Reiki. In fact, in many cases, animals are even more responsive to Reiki because they do not have belief systems and rigid mindsets that people can have. Therefore, they can easily accept the Reiki energy for what it truly is...unconditional love... Some of the subjects that will be explored in the daylong workshop: • Hands on healing protocol; • The energy systems and chakras of a variety of animals; • Animals' relationship to healing energies; • Clearing and scanning animal energy fields; • How to treat injuries; emergencies; • Exploring how an animal's session differs from a human session; • Clearing your home of unhealthy energy and stress vibes so you and your pets aren’t recycling and re-absorbing it! and Much more!..... Usui Reiki (for people) Training Level One or higher is a prerequisite. Tuition $125.00... Register with Instructor Janet Jackson, RMT, Animal specialist with 25+ years experience: [email protected] or You may register online through our website CALENDAR... www.TheEnergyConnection.Net and clicking on the class title link. $50 pmt requested at registration to hold your spot. Or....You can use the above email address if you wish to go straight to PayPal to make a class deposit.... and PLEASE note your phone number, the name and date of the class you are attending. Call/Text Janet with questions: 724-244-4471. Thank you... Hope to see you there!

* Reiki Lessons - ZoomReiki Lessons - Zoom

Time: 6:30 pm

All Reiki Levels are welcome to join Linda Yarbrough and Mia Rusinko (Usui, Holy Fire Reiki; Holy Fire Karuna Master Teachers) each month for nuggets of Reiki related learning, method, philosophy, research, technique, etc. and end with a relaxing mediation. For ALL Usui and Holy Fire Reiki levels. TO BE HELD REGULARLY ON THE FOURTH WEDNESDAY OF EVERY MONTH. Discuss, learn and experience's the best. Starts at 6:30 pm. Call/text Linda at 412-760-6933 or Mia at 724-689-5849 for registration or questions. $10 love donation . Come often and foster the close knit community feel of our Reiki friendships.


Time: 6:30 pm

All relationships create psychic/energetic ties. Some feel good, others do not. Relationships can include partners, relatives, friends, coworkers, exes. You even continue to have relationships with those that have crossed over. In this class you will learn how to manage the ties that bind you to painful or difficult relationships by practicing techniques that utilize intention, visualization and spiritual focus. By changing the amount of connected energy within a difficult dynamic, you will free yourself from persistent feelings of emotions like anger, resentment, hurt and disappointment. In breaking ties that bind, you will be releasing your attachment to the emotionally harmful aspects of a relationship and gain a new coping perspective. Breaking ties does not necessarily mean you must end a relationship. You will just be ending your participation in a negative dynamic that is holding you hostage. The nonconstructive energy exchange will be disconnected making way for adjusting and healing for all. Anna Smith facilitator. Tuition $35 6:30 - 8:30 Register by calling or texting Ann at 412 346-8009; payment can be made in advance with [email protected] or Cash App to $Annasmithreiki or payment can be made in person

* Animal Intuitive CommunicationAnimal Intuitive Communication

Animal Communication Class Level One... (Depending on the interest, this class may be offered in-person AND online via Zoom at Energy Connection on the same day and time).... with Janet Jackson, Animal Specialist... Sunday, May 29, 2022, from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm Tuition $125... Prepare to amaze yourself as you discover and practice your own style of intuitive, telepathic communication with animals. You already do it with your animals every day! Learn to focus and deliver your message as well as hearing what they have to say. It's fun - not difficult. Anyone can learn to fine-tune their communication connection. Bring one photo for each animal that lives with you----one animal per photo, please. Photos can be printed on computer paper or photo paper.... A few highlights: • Notice your own unique intuitive communication style and explore the different ways you are already receiving communication signals from your animal friends. • Practice establishing a clear line of telepathic communication. • Explore life from the animal's perspective to gain greater understanding of what it's like to be "in their paws". • Practice with the companion animals of your classmates by using photographs; and receive validation for your information. • Explore the ways you may be keeping your animals "stuck" in unwanted behavior patterns and how to make improvements. • And much more!... Intuition (or "gut instinct") is a natural skill that can be developed and, with some practice, will enrich and strengthen your relationship with your animal friends, both wild and domestic, as you learn to address important issues and behavior challenges. Communication with animals can happen in a number of different ways. By consciously connecting with animals in a specific way, we can communicate our intentions and requests with greater clarity. Every day, whether you notice it or not, you and your animal friends are communicating with each other through your intuitive nature. We do not often give ourselves credit for "picking up on" intuitive information from our loved ones and our environment, but everyone is intuitive to some degree. Intuition (or "gut instinct") is a natural skill that can be developed and, with some practice, will enrich and strengthen your relationship with your animal friends, both wild and domestic, as you learn to address important issues and behavior challenges. This workshop could truly change your life! .... To better prepare yourself for the class, please try to read at least one of the following books before the workshop: Animal Talk, by Penelope Smith, or The Language of Animals, by Carol Gurney, or Learning their Language, by Marta Williams. YOU MAY COME TO CLASS EVEN IF YOU HAVEN'T READ A BOOK... Advance Registration requested. Checks, Credit Cards, PayPal accepted. Call or text Janet Jackson for registration or questions: 724-244-4471 I hope to hear from you soon! Blessings, Janet Jackson, Animal Specialist, Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner, Angel Practitioner... (724) 244-4471... Email: [email protected] Website: www.TheEnergyConnection.NET

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