Lightbody® Classes

“There are beautiful and wild forces within us.”
St. Francis

The word Merkabah (Lightbody) means ‘ascending spirit and light’. Using your Lightbody enables you to release from three dimensional reality and shift into the vast field of wholeness, oneness and unlimited possibilities:

A few of the many reasons for activating the Lightbody:

  • Use with meditation
  • For magnifying your healing abilities
  • For safety and protection
  • For bringing balance and grounding
  • For use during healing sessions for self and others
  • For raising your vibrational frequency
  • For cleansing the aura
  • For accelerating your personal spiritual evolution
  • For reminding yourself of wholeness


Please note that classes are scheduled intermittently. See the Calendar of Events to find out which classes are currently on the schedule.

The following classes are offered in Lightbody Reiki:



Lightbody® Reiki – exclusive to Energy Connection

Emerging from extensive work in the high energy of Lightbody/Merkabah activation, Janet Jackson and Kathy Duffy (both Certified Reiki Master Teachers & Practitioners) were Divinely led to conceive and develop this new modality. Lightbody Reiki is an exciting and innovative interconnection of the Reiki energy and quantum consciousness — an experience of multi-dimensional healing! You will learn to activate your Lightbody, which accelerates your own personal ascension process of spiritual growth as it simultaneously raises your vibrational frequency.  Especially designed to raise the vibration of previously attuned Usui Reiki practitioners, students find this course expands their energetic possibilities.

Class time includes deep and spiritually intense meditations to get your body ready to receive and hold the high-energy frequencies; special attunements to ease you into the process of activating your Lightbody/Merkabah; learning special healing techniques. The gentle sweetness of Reiki is the perfect vehicle to hold your highest intentions as you integrate your Lightbody into your everyday life.

  • Activates your Lightbody/Merkabah
  • Raises your vibratory level
  • Increases focus and intent
  • Accelerates your personal healing evolution and healing abilities
  • Multi-dimensional expansion from the cellular to the universal levels
  • Easy self-healing technique that can be incorporated into your current energy practice

Prerequisite: Usui Reiki Level Two

Instructors: Janet Jackson, Kathy Duffy
Duration: 14 hours over 2 days
Cost: $255

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spacerMelchizedek Healing Method — Combined Levels 1 & 2

Very powerful and intense spiritual “lightwork.” Lightbody Activation, Merkabah, Holograms of Unconditional Love, Ascension, very powerful healing techniques for self and others, Daily Meditation, Karma Soul Clearing, Initiations to realign connections with Divine Self and God and more.  Upon completion of this class you will be a certified practitioner of the healing techniques.  Use for others or yourself.

Combined Level 1 & 2 is offered in either one of two ways: Over two weekends or five consecutive days. Offered periodically throughout the year or host your own group at our location or yours.

Certified Registered Course. Manual and Certificate included. No Prerequisite.

Instructor: Janet Jackson, Certified Instructor
Duration: two weekends, or five day sessions
Cost: $465

Special offer:  If you have already attended any level of my Melchizedek Method workshops, you are eligible to sit in on workshops (of your current certification level) for a small fee of $40 to cover expenses.

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spacerCertified instruction in Advanced Levels Three, Four and Five are also available.  Contact Janet Jackson for information.