Energy Management Classes


Please note that classes are scheduled intermittently. See the Calendar of Events to find out which classes are currently on the schedule.

Private sessions are also available.




spacerEnergy Cleansing / Clearing for Yourself and Your Environment

Every day of your life you may be creating discordant energy from thoughts and emotions. This energy, which is emitted from ourselves and others, then becomes a part of your own energy body, as well as your environment. In this workshop you will be introduced to some quick and easy techniques for cleansing and clearing yourself of any discordant energy (in body, mind & spirit), as well as clearing your home, workplace, and surroundings. You will learn how to energetically “clean up” after yourself and others during stressful situations, arguments, sorrow, pain, emotions and discordant thoughts.


Grounding and Energy Protection Essentials

(both these classes are essentials for your well-being)

spacerGrounding Your Energy – Connecting Mind, Body, and Spirit

Most individuals are not consistently grounded, meaning that your energy and therefore your thoughts are scattered. In response, the body and mind become overstressed and weakened. Many symptoms of imbalance can be traced to an ungrounded state. Persistent worry; illness; emotional upset; anxiety; depression; moodiness; sometimes even dizziness and lightheadedness are caused by an ungrounded or imbalanced energy state. In an ungrounded state, you feel disconnected from your inner guidance and feel unable to concentrate fully and make decisions. A grounded state makes you stronger, more present, less attached to others opinions and is a defense from negative outside influences. Thankfully, it is not difficult to be grounded and to stay grounded. This workshop will give you various strategies and exercises to achieve a more balanced state of being.
Materials provided.


spacerAura Energy Management – Healthy Boundaries

We all exist within our own energy space. The auric field is a biofield of energy that surrounds the physical body and interacts with the environment and the energy of others. You feel much better if your energy field is defined and has healthy boundaries. When you become energetically vulnerable through negative interactions (bad relationships; conflict; criticism etc.) or persistent exposure to injurious circumstances (job or family situations; chronic illness; rigid rules, etc.) you easily become depleted and even traumatized by allowing other people and life circumstances to claim your energy. You will be immediately aware of how it feels to be inside a clear, intact and protected energy field as we practice simple techniques in class.


spacerBreaking the Ties that Bind – Relationship Rescue

All relationships create psychic/energetic ties. Some feel good, others do not. In this class you will learn how to manage the ties that bind you to painful and difficult relationships by practicing techniques that utilize intention, visualization and spiritual focus. By changing the amount of connected energy within a difficult dynamic, you will free yourself from persistent feelings of emotions like anger, resentment, hurt and disappointment. In breaking ties that bind, you will be releasing your attachment to the emotionally harmful aspects of a relationship and gain a new coping perspective. Breaking ties does not necessarily mean you must end a relationship. You will just be ending your participation in a negative dynamic that is holding you hostage. The nonconstructive energy exchange will be disconnected making way for adjusting and healing for all.



spacerUnderstanding the Chakra System

A wealth of understanding and information is available in the dynamic energy of the chakra system.   Chakra means “wheel”, and indeed these spinning energy centers are programmed to store information from life conditions, experiences and expressions.  Used as a informational guide to understand ourselves, the condition and habits of the chakra system is totally unique to each individual.  Used as a profound influence on our physical being, the chakra system can affect our well being.  Each chakra has a specific role in your energy field and in concert they reflect your state of mind, emotional and health.  The seven major chakras are often seen by clairvoyants as colors reflecting in the vibration field.  There are many types of correspondence in the chakras, as in color, shape, speed and developmental stages.  Learning more about your chakra system is both interesting and impactful.