Multidimensional Prayer


The fabric of our universe in interwoven with dimensions of space, time and energy.  We don’t fully understand how the many facets of human existence connect to the Divine, yet because we are essentially a part of the Divine, we possess a fundamental knowing that it is so.

When we pray, meditate or perform Divine visualization, we are acknowledging that connection and open a channel which is powerful as it is beautiful.  We empower ourselves as architects of intention, building our reality to include receiving guidance, healing and spiritual oversight.  As we meditate and pray, we gradually release the hold our busy minds have on the outer experience.  We then are free to deepen into an interior (truthful) state where we easily feel the union of spirit to spirit; dimension to dimension.   Healing takes place in that freedom because there, we are uncontrolled by our perceived limits.

One focused avenue of communication with the Divine is through the sacred tradition of prayer.  In a process of allowing the flow of Divine Love, Divine Grace, and Divine Truth to be introduced into a deep state of peace, you are aligned with their intent.  In receiving, you will become more and more knowing.  

If this appeals to you, contact Kathy or Janet to arrange a Divine Prayer session.