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Reach your Ideal Creation Frequency Clearings and Healings


In this unique CLEARING/HEALING SESSION I will first take an energetic measurement as well as an intuitive scan of your current “frequency” and energy field.   Secondly, based upon those findings, I will attempt to move your vibration up to an ideal level by clearing blocks, limits, and so forth.   In conjunction with that, we can discuss any concerns about relationships, employment, finances, health etc. and do specific clearings of energies that may be affecting or limiting your creation powers in these areas. When I do this work with you, I will be connected to the highest possible vibration of Light and Creative Source to assure all is in your best interests and spiritually connected to your life plan.

Other areas you can explore inside this modality include:            Appointments available in person or by phone.

Chakra clearing and repair

Relationship static and repair

Physical conditions and healing pathway opening

Past Life/Karma clearing.

Intense space/environment clearing.

Family lineage clearing.


I was feeling run down and heavy, like I was carrying the weight of the world.  I was holding on to everything, feed back from folks around me was “You have to let that shit go!”  NO!  That’s a sure sign that Negative Nancy is in town, everything from my perspective was negative.  Hello what’s your name? “No!”; Welcome to the circle…”No!; Would you like a drink? “No!”‘ perhaps a pendulum clearing? “No!”  Wait a minute, maybe I should try that!  Knowing that I needed something to catapult me out of the rut I was in, I summoned up a “Yes!”  Boy, am I glad I did.  I didn’t notice a difference at first, but by the time I got to my car and began the drive home, I felt like a new woman.  The weight was lifted and  I was feeling so shiny and brand new, ready to take on the world with a new attitude! I was so delighted with the outcome of the first session, I thought I might try the group healing.  During the group healing I could actually sense the debris of life being removed from my energy body as it was being transformed into something lovely.  I do my best to keep energetically clean, however if you are anything like me and go out into this world to see what it has to offer, you are bound to get dirty.  Think of it this way, your energy and physical bodies are your personal vehicles.  Just like a car we keep them clean yet every once in a while we have them detailed, a deep and thorough cleaning.  Pendulum clearing is a deep and thorough cleaning of your energy body.  It shakes loose debris and all that’s hard to let go of, then you can shift.  Once you shift, it’s like a new wax job, it’s more difficult to collect debris!  Yay!  This all makes for a Happy Human, no room for Negative Nancy in this vehicle!

A clean energy system runs well, runs long.  Live, get dirty, get cleared, repeat,”                  Much love, Robin

What Lowers our Vibration?  Each individual is fashioned by their unique experiences.  Conscious and subconscious thought patterns and habits.  Belief systems.  Repetitive negative reactions.  World views.  Energetic contracts and agreements with others.  Desires. Fears.  Expectations.  Influences.  Exposure to non-beneficial energies from situations, environments, individuals and the like…all these can reduce the higher frequencies, limiting the creative energies of love, happiness, fulfillment, ease, connection – and contribute to weakened physical vitality.

How do you raise vibrations with this particular method?  Most simply by eliminating what is interfering with your ideal frequency so that you are more in harmony and in the best position to generate your power of intention to heal, to break the cords or negative emotions/relationships that are bringing your vibration down.  I engage a focused intent, and with the use of a pendulum scramble the frequencies of lower, denser energies in your field and subsequently open the pathway for high vibration energies of love, freedom, ease, healing, etc. to pour into your energy field. The shift has an immediate effect.  Many people feel the difference in a new lightness of being or a sense of being free of a burdened feeling.

Being in an ideal creation frequency is a high vibration condition and it puts you more in harmony with your physical body.  Being in an ideal creation frequency also includes being more in touch with your higher self and your spiritual guides and Divine Source.  Access most easily comes through your ability to be clear.  Best decisions naturally follow. The Law of Attraction is actively positive. You feel better……right away!  And then build on it.

 How I approach these obstructions and limits:   By using Energy to affect Energy with a specifically focused intent based upon your needs and desires, I use the pendulum as an energy healing tool.  I measure vibration levels and also use it as a dynamic indicator of the clearing actions and reactions.. It’s akin to reducing static or interference and promoting a clear broadcast into the higher vibration states.

By clearing limiting energy to allow flow of creative energy, your vibration levels will be more constant and balanced.  In this state of being, you will be encouraging your guidance system to enjoy the present, release limits of the past and help map out the route best suited to your divine plan destination…better known as the “future”.  In addition, being in a coherent state with your physical body will encourage healing and balancing of functions. 


PENDULUM rotating

Kathy Duffy, RMT, Energy Specialist  724 863 2309   Click here to learn more about Kathy

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Personal Session:

Process usually takes an hour.  Cost is $75.   If you want to experience this modality, please call me for an appointment.  In Person or Phone.