Articles for the Month of January 2021

The Ways of Healing Your Life




Evolution is the act of development, advancement, growth, progress, expansion and unfolding.  A healing way forward.  In our own individual lives we constantly attempt to find ways to feel better, attain more peace of mind, manage our past, present and future and hopefully explore our spiritual purpose.  There are countless pieces of advice out there how you might attain all of those goals.  But what is best for you?   Sometimes it can get confusing to find your key.  The best choices should always include ways and means to empower, that shift your interpretations from contraction to expansion.   Self awareness is essential.  Clarity is instrumental.  Resiliency is invaluable.  And having a navigator to offer possibilities to attain those states of being is indispensable.  A spiritual navigator or mentor offers choices, maps, routes, insight and wisdom.  They can act as a guiding force to awaken your force.  Through mentorship, energy work, education and trust you are served for your highest and best outcome.   What are the possibilities?