The Ways of Healing Your Life


Evolution is the act of development, advancement, growth, progress, expansion and unfolding.  A healing way forward.  In our own individual lives we constantly attempt to find ways to feel better, attain more peace of mind, manage our past, present and future and hopefully explore our spiritual purpose.  There are countless pieces of advice out there how you might attain all of those goals.  But what is best for you?   Sometimes it can get confusing to find your key.  The best choices should always include ways and means to empower, that shift your interpretations from contraction to expansion.   Self awareness is essential.  Clarity is instrumental.  Resiliency is invaluable.  And having a navigator to offer possibilities to attain those states of being is indispensable.  A spiritual navigator or mentor offers choices, maps, routes, insight and wisdom.  They can act as a guiding force to awaken your force.  Through mentorship, energy work, education and trust you are served for your highest and best outcome.   What are the possibilities?


What is a Reiki session?

During a session, a Certified Reiki Practitioner is trained to direct a current of life supporting Universal Life Force Energy to you through their hands. The receiver simply relaxes and allows the energy to be accepted. Even if you are skeptical, the energy will still flow to you. The practitioner will place their hands at various positions over your body and you will likely feel warmth and a deep sense of relaxation and peace as the session progresses. You will lie fully clothed on a massage table or if necessary, you can sit upright in a chair.

The Reiki experience is not easily described because each individual’s sense of Reiki energy differs. What are most consistent are a profound sense of relaxation, and a feeling of well being. Some people report pain relief; accelerated healing; lowered blood pressure; sounder sleep and the alleviation of stress symptoms. Others find spiritual comfort and emotional calm. What is most important for you to know if you are considering a treatment is that Reiki does no harm, is perfectly safe, and is not dependent upon any one specific doctrine or religious belief. Reiki is now offered and practiced in many traditional medical or clinical settings across the world as an addition and support to all situations, included end of life.  It is helpful. It is comforting. It is truly a therapy that is all embracing and accepting and each individual comes away in a more balanced state of being.  Call today to book your appointment!   If you or a loved one cannot physically be present Reiki is equally effective and received as a Distance Treatment.

If you are considering learning Reiki healing method for yourself search here:  School for Reiki

                    H.U.G.G. Angel Healing Method

Healing with the Universal Grace of God Session:  Angel healing

HUGG is special. This wonderful spiritual healing modality brings Angelic harmony and healing pulsing through your energetic being. The Grace of God promotes the integration and flow of healing as you experience lasting release of mind, body and spirit debris, leaving you in profound peace. The Archangels oversee and support the healing process as you transcend that which may be keeping you back. You can definitely feel the presence of pure light and love.  This supports clearing and accelerates healing.

HUGG (Healing with the Universal Grace of God) is a deep connection to the Angelic healing energies and the flow of grace.  During a session your practitioner will initiate the highest vibration of energy to cleanse, balance and restore.  The Archangels are assisting your experience and hold you in the most loving light.  Each step of the HUGG healing expands your possibilities for healing on all levels and inspires your connection to spirit.  HUGG can be performed in person or remotely.  Many of our practitioners add Angel healing to their Reiki sessions.


Multidimensional Prayer

The fabric of our universe in interwoven with dimensions of space, time and energy.  We don’t fully understand how the many facets of human existence connect to the Divine, yet because we are essentially a part of the Divine, we possess a fundamental knowing that it is so.

When we pray, meditate or perform Divine visualization, we are acknowledging that connection and open a channel which is powerful as it is beautiful.  We empower ourselves as architects of intention, building our reality to include receiving guidance, healing and spiritual oversight.  As we meditate and pray, we gradually release the hold our busy minds have on the outer experience.  We then are free to deepen into an interior (truthful) state where we easily feel the union of spirit to spirit; dimension to dimension.   Healing takes place in that freedom because there, we are uncontrolled by our perceived limits.

One focused avenue of communication with the Divine is through the sacred tradition of prayer.  In a process of allowing the flow of Divine Love, Divine Grace, and Divine Truth to be introduced into a deep state of peace, you are aligned with their intent.  In receiving, you will become more and more knowing.  

If this appeals to you, contact Kathy or Janet to arrange a Divine Prayer session.


You can depend on Reiki to include a balancing effect on your Chakras automatically.  If you feel you want or need more attention to the Chakra energies request a Deep Clearing and Healing session from your practitioner.  In paying individual attention to each Chakra center, you will likely feel the dynamic movement clearing out the density and debris in the field and the lightness of recovery of balance and harmony.  It’s actually quite extraordinary and powerful!  Your practitioner will always clear and strengthen your Aura space as well.  If there are any holes, tears or the like, those will also be addressed.  You will be grounded and ready to go.

                         CUTTING THE TIES THAT BIND

All relationships create psychic/energetic ties. Some feel good, others do not.
Relationships can include partners, relatives, friends, coworkers, exes. You even continue to have relationships with those that have crossed over.  By changing the amount of connected energy within a difficult dynamic, you will free yourself from persistent feelings of emotions like anger, resentment, hurt and disappointment. In breaking ties that bind, you will be releasing your attachment to the emotionally harmful aspects of a relationship and gain a new coping perspective. Breaking ties does not mean you must end a relationship. You will just be ending your participation in a negative dynamic that is holding you hostage. The nonconstructive energy exchange will be disconnected making way for adjusting and healing.  This also can apply to circumstances when you feel stuck or static and you want to more forward.