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Each of our team members offers special personalized services to augment their offerings here at Energy Connection. If you are interested in pursuing any of the following, or simply in doing additional work with one of our team, and to find contact information click here:   About us   


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Clearing/Healing with Pendulum                   Kathy Duffy                             

In this unique CLEARING/HEALING SESSION I will first take an energetic measurement as well as an intuitive scan of your current “frequency” and energy field.   Secondly, based upon those findings, I will attempt to move your vibration up to an ideal level by clearing blocks, limits, and so forth.   In conjunction with that, we can discuss any concerns about relationships, employment, finances, health etc. and do specific clearings of energies that may be affecting or limiting your creation powers in these areas. When I do this work with you I will be connected to the highest possible vibration of Light and Creative Source to assure all is in your best interests and spiritually connected to your life plan.
Other areas you can explore inside this modality include:

Chakra clearing and repair

Relationship static and repair

Physical conditions and healing pathway opening

Past Life/Karma clearing

Intense space/environment clearing.

Family lineage clearing.


How I approach these obstructions and limits:   By using Energy to affect Energy with a specifically focused intent based upon your needs and desires, I use the pendulum as an energy healing tool.  I measure vibration levels and also use it as a dynamic indicator of the clearing actions and reactions.. It’s akin to reducing static or interference and promoting a clear broadcast into the higher vibration states.

By clearing limiting energy to allow flow of creative energy, your vibration levels will be more constant and balanced.  In this state of being, you will be encouraging your guidance system to enjoy the present, release limits of the past and help map out the route best suited to your divine plan destination…better known as the “future”.  In addition, being in a coherent state with your physical body will encourage healing and balancing of functions. 

 Contact  [email protected]


CHAKRA READING            Kathy Duffy

Would you like a written reading/assessment of your chakra system?  Each of your chakras (your spiritual/physical computer station) holds a reflection of what is going on in your energy system right now.  By getting a reading of the nature and vibration of the flow, I can offer you some insight into what is going on there.  Starting at the crown I scan for information, symbolism, emotional conditions, etc. through each chakra and let you know what I sense and feel.   The language of energy is a powerful indicator of what you might want to put your attention on to heal, balance and move forward and to get to know yourself in a whole new way.   I have been working with chakra language for over 30 years and I know it provide excellent information for healing and clarity.  The comprehensive assessment will be emailed to you for your reference.  Contact [email protected] to order.  Cost is $75

spacerReiki Sessions and HUGG Spiritual Healing Sessions – serving North Huntingdon, Greensburg and surrounding Westmoreland County

Relax and Heal in the care of our experienced practitioners  – click on practitioner name to learn more!
(available in person and remotely)

What is a Reiki session?

During a session, a Certified Reiki Practitioner is trained to direct a current of life supporting Universal Life Force Energy to you through their hands. The receiver simply relaxes and allows the energy to be accepted. Even if you are skeptical, the energy will still flow to you. The practitioner will place their hands at various positions over your body and you will likely feel warmth and a deep sense of relaxation and peace as the session progresses. You will lie fully clothed on a massage table or if necessary, you can sit upright in a chair.  Reiki can be performed remotely as well if you prefer or need to be at home.

The Reiki experience is not easily described because each individual’s sense of Reiki energy differs. What are most consistent are a profound sense of relaxation, and a feeling of well being. Some people report pain relief; accelerated healing; lowered blood pressure; sounder sleep and the alleviation of stress symptoms. Others find spiritual comfort and emotional calm. What is most important for you to know if you are considering a treatment is that Reiki does no harm, is perfectly safe, and is not dependent upon any one specific doctrine or religious belief. It is helpful. It is comforting. It is truly a therapy that is all embracing and accepting and each individual comes away in a more balanced state of being.  Call today to book your appointment.  $75  1 – 1 ½ hr

What is a HUGG session?

HUGG (Healing with the Universal Grace of God) is a deep connection to the Angelic healing energies and the flow of grace.  During a session your practitioner will initiate the highest vibration of energy to cleanse, balance and restore.  The Archangels are assisting your experience and hold you in the most loving light.  Each step of the HUGG healing expands your possibilities for healing on all levels and inspires your connection to spirit.  HUGG can be performed in person or remotely.  Many of our practitioners add Angel healing to their Reiki sessions.  $75






spacerAnimal Reiki Sessions       Janet Jackson

For your pet’s physical and emotional wellbeing
(available remotely)

spacerHealing Sessions – Chakra and Aura Work
Angel Healing, Emotional Release, Energy Medicine, and more                 All Practitioners

A variety of deep healing modalities specifically targeting your needs

spacerIntuitive Spiritual Counseling – Life Guidance                   All Practitioners

For clarity and assistance speak to an intuitive adviser

Spiritually Guided Readings
 Mediumship readings          Linda Yarbrough,  Kathy Duffy
spacerPast Life Readings              Kathy Duffy

Your past assists your present

Holistic Health Services       Kathy Duffy,   Linda Yarbrough

Balance your health and well being
Health Profiles, Certified Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils; Whole Food Supplements