Multidimensional Prayer


The fabric of our universe in interwoven with dimensions of space, time and energy.  We don’t fully understand how the many facets of human existence connect to the Divine, yet because we are essentially a part of the Divine, we possess a fundamental knowing that it is so.

When we pray, meditate or perform Divine visualization, we are acknowledging that connection and open a channel which is powerful as it is beautiful.  We empower ourselves as architects of intention, building our reality to include receiving guidance, healing and spiritual oversight.  As we meditate and pray, we gradually release the hold our busy minds have on the outer experience.  We then are free to deepen into an interior (truthful) state where we easily feel the union of spirit to spirit; dimension to dimension.   Healing takes place in that freedom because there, we are uncontrolled by our perceived limits.

One focused avenue of communication with the Divine is through the sacred tradition of prayer.  In a process of allowing the flow of Divine Love, Divine Grace, and Divine Truth to be introduced into a deep state of peace, you are aligned with their intent.  In receiving, you will become more and more knowing.  

If this appeals to you, contact Kathy or Janet to arrange a Divine Prayer session.




The Ways of Healing Your Life


Evolution is the act of development, advancement, growth, progress, expansion and unfolding.  A healing way forward.  In our own individual lives we constantly attempt to find ways to feel better, attain more peace of mind, manage our past, present and future and hopefully explore our spiritual purpose.  There are countless pieces of advice out there how you might attain all of those goals.  But what is best for you?   Sometimes it can get confusing to find your key.  The best choices should always include ways and means to empower, that shift your interpretations from contraction to expansion.   Self awareness is essential.  Clarity is instrumental.  Resiliency is invaluable.  And having a navigator to offer possibilities to attain those states of being is indispensable.  A spiritual navigator or mentor offers choices, maps, routes, insight and wisdom.  They can act as a guiding force to awaken your force.  Through mentorship, energy work, education and trust you are served for your highest and best outcome.   What are the possibilities?


What is a Reiki session?

During a session, a Certified Reiki Practitioner is trained to direct a current of life supporting Universal Life Force Energy to you through their hands. The receiver simply relaxes and allows the energy to be accepted. Even if you are skeptical, the energy will still flow to you. The practitioner will place their hands at various positions over your body and you will likely feel warmth and a deep sense of relaxation and peace as the session progresses. You will lie fully clothed on a massage table or if necessary, you can sit upright in a chair.

The Reiki experience is not easily described because each individual’s sense of Reiki energy differs. What are most consistent are a profound sense of relaxation, and a feeling of well being. Some people report pain relief; accelerated healing; lowered blood pressure; sounder sleep and the alleviation of stress symptoms. Others find spiritual comfort and emotional calm. What is most important for you to know if you are considering a treatment is that Reiki does no harm, is perfectly safe, and is not dependent upon any one specific doctrine or religious belief. Reiki is now offered and practiced in many traditional medical or clinical settings across the world as an addition and support to all situations, included end of life.  It is helpful. It is comforting. It is truly a therapy that is all embracing and accepting and each individual comes away in a more balanced state of being.  Call today to book your appointment!   If you or a loved one cannot physically be present Reiki is equally effective and received as a Distance Treatment.

If you are considering learning Reiki healing method for yourself search here:  School for Reiki

                    H.U.G.G. Angel Healing Method

Healing with the Universal Grace of God Session:  Angel healing

HUGG is special. This wonderful spiritual healing modality brings Angelic harmony and healing pulsing through your energetic being. The Grace of God promotes the integration and flow of healing as you experience lasting release of mind, body and spirit debris, leaving you in profound peace. The Archangels oversee and support the healing process as you transcend that which may be keeping you back. You can definitely feel the presence of pure light and love.  This supports clearing and accelerates healing.

HUGG (Healing with the Universal Grace of God) is a deep connection to the Angelic healing energies and the flow of grace.  During a session your practitioner will initiate the highest vibration of energy to cleanse, balance and restore.  The Archangels are assisting your experience and hold you in the most loving light.  Each step of the HUGG healing expands your possibilities for healing on all levels and inspires your connection to spirit.  HUGG can be performed in person or remotely.  Many of our practitioners add Angel healing to their Reiki sessions.


Multidimensional Prayer

The fabric of our universe in interwoven with dimensions of space, time and energy.  We don’t fully understand how the many facets of human existence connect to the Divine, yet because we are essentially a part of the Divine, we possess a fundamental knowing that it is so.

When we pray, meditate or perform Divine visualization, we are acknowledging that connection and open a channel which is powerful as it is beautiful.  We empower ourselves as architects of intention, building our reality to include receiving guidance, healing and spiritual oversight.  As we meditate and pray, we gradually release the hold our busy minds have on the outer experience.  We then are free to deepen into an interior (truthful) state where we easily feel the union of spirit to spirit; dimension to dimension.   Healing takes place in that freedom because there, we are uncontrolled by our perceived limits.

One focused avenue of communication with the Divine is through the sacred tradition of prayer.  In a process of allowing the flow of Divine Love, Divine Grace, and Divine Truth to be introduced into a deep state of peace, you are aligned with their intent.  In receiving, you will become more and more knowing.  

If this appeals to you, contact Kathy or Janet to arrange a Divine Prayer session.


You can depend on Reiki to include a balancing effect on your Chakras automatically.  If you feel you want or need more attention to the Chakra energies request a Deep Clearing and Healing session from your practitioner.  In paying individual attention to each Chakra center, you will likely feel the dynamic movement clearing out the density and debris in the field and the lightness of recovery of balance and harmony.  It’s actually quite extraordinary and powerful!  Your practitioner will always clear and strengthen your Aura space as well.  If there are any holes, tears or the like, those will also be addressed.  You will be grounded and ready to go.

                         CUTTING THE TIES THAT BIND

All relationships create psychic/energetic ties. Some feel good, others do not.
Relationships can include partners, relatives, friends, coworkers, exes. You even continue to have relationships with those that have crossed over.  By changing the amount of connected energy within a difficult dynamic, you will free yourself from persistent feelings of emotions like anger, resentment, hurt and disappointment. In breaking ties that bind, you will be releasing your attachment to the emotionally harmful aspects of a relationship and gain a new coping perspective. Breaking ties does not mean you must end a relationship. You will just be ending your participation in a negative dynamic that is holding you hostage. The nonconstructive energy exchange will be disconnected making way for adjusting and healing.  This also can apply to circumstances when you feel stuck or static and you want to more forward.

What are Reiki Attunements About?

What are Attunements All About?
By Angie Webster

One of the most strange and mysterious things about Reiki to those first investigating it is the attunement process. Even the word “attunement” leaves a bit of mystery. It sounds like a vague and unknown thing that is impossible to wrap the mind around because there is nothing in the experience to compare it to. This can even make it seem a little scary to some. So let’s explore the attunement and bring some understanding to what it is, what it does, how it feels and what happens afterward.

An attunement is a part of the Reiki training process. It is something that only a Reiki Master is trained to do. The process can be seen as accomplishing  two things. One is to do a very intense healing on the recipient, which goes very deeply into the energy channels, opening and clearing them. This makes way for rapid healing to begin for the newly attuned Reiki practitioner. Opening and clearing these energy channels not only allows for a greater healing, it allows for the Reiki energy to flow more freely through them, so that the recipient of the attunement will now freely receive Reiki at all times, particularly when intending to receive it, and will also allow Reiki to transmit through them, flowing more easily through these energy channels.
We all have Universal Energy flowing through us and around us. It is everywhere, in fact. The Reiki attunement allows us to open up to this energy and become more aware of it than we normally are. It literally attunes us to it. When we come into the world as infants, we are much more in tune with this energy and as we become habituated to this world, we lose the awareness of it. A Reiki attunement helps us to open our awareness to it.

Most people who have a Reiki attunement, even at the first level, can feel the energy flowing through their body, their hands, and sometimes their feet right away, sometimes even as the attunement is being done. This doesn’t happen to everyone and a few only report minor sensations or none at all. They may not feel the energy flowing through them, but when they practice Reiki on another, they will be told that the energy is felt and shifts will be seen. In doing Reiki self-treatment after an attunement, even the newly attuned will feel peace, even if they don’t feel a lot of heat or other sensations coming from their hands. The perception of the sensations are somewhat different for everyone and will vary from session to session, which is normal.

During the attunement, the Reiki Master will ask you to close your eyes and become still and prayerful or meditative, looking within yourself for the meaning and symbolism of the process to you. You may be asked to focus on your breath and to notice your center. The Master will then draw symbols which represent various healing energies, such as the power of love, harmony, the Unity of All or God with us, and one that helps to dissolve the illusion of time and space. These will be drawn in your aura and on your hands. There are some slight variations aside from this in the ways that different Masters do an attunement, so these are only the basics, not the entire process. Most Masters begin and end the process with a brief prayer or intention, which may or may not be spoken aloud.

People experience various different things during an attunement and your experience will be your own. Whatever you experience is exactly what is appropriate for you at the time. Don’t get concerned about comparing with others or with what you read on the internet. Many people feel sensations of heat or tingling or of vibration rising up their spine or flowing down from the crown to the base of the spine or the feet. Some feel their hands grow hot. Many see colors or have visions. A few hear sounds such as music or bells or angelic voices. There are many possibilities. It is a rather profound and moving experience for many.

In the days after an attunement, many people have a healing response, often referred to as a healing crisis. This can last for up to two or three weeks, fluctuating in the symptoms and severity, and many teachers will teach that you should expect it to last 21 days. In truth, it varies from person to person and from one attunement to the next. Some people have no healing response at all, for some it is very mild, others are very sick for the first day or two with flu-like symptoms and then feel a lot better, with only mild emotional fluctuations for a week or two after that. For some, the healing response is almost entirely emotional, with emotions arising and releasing, maybe with crying spells or anger coming out and releasing. It may be gentle or not. It is best to simply observe and let the energies pass, journaling and processing as needed. Nearly everyone will notice that their life changes in some way after an attunement, even if it is only that their responses to things shift.





In the age of technology, we understand how a system like a computer program reacts to certain commands.  If we input the correct command we experience the positive effect.  We know we need to utilize the correct input to achieve our desired output.  We go through a specific sequence of instructions to the computer program to achieve a specific end result. Random doesn’t work!  In simple terms, if we don’t go through the correct steps, with a clear understanding of our desired outcome, it’s akin to asking a calculator to act as a dictionary.
In spiritual technology we can use this analogy to understand we have an energy program called the Chakra system.  It is our subtle energy computer that organizes our beliefs, thought patterns and experiences.  We encode it throughout our life, mostly unconsciously.   If we don’t understand the coding, we won’t manifest our desired outcome.  The chakra system is our manifesting computer.


 Individual Chakra work:

If you would like to work one on one…here are a few options for you.  If you feel you need something “custom made”, just call and request a consultation.

WHAT DO YOUR CHAKRAS SHOW ME?    Kathy Duffy, Reiki Master Teacher/ Energy Field Specialist/ Intuitive           Chakras are part of the human energy field…the part of you that develops from birth (and even before) constantly downloading and processing your life experiences. Life experiences = chakra energy.   The energy that moves in your chakras broadcasts throughout your physical, mental and emotional aspects influencing them in powerful ways.  When there is a disruption in the flow within the chakra it has a very real effect on you.  A chakra can be congested, overactive, under-active, weak, blocked, exhausted. Chronically unbalanced chakra system has long term effects.  A disrupted chakra also affects your aura or energy field that surrounds and holds you.  That can weaken you and leave you vulnerable to another’s energy.  When your chakra system is balanced and flowing you will feel an immediate shift.  If you maintain a free flowing chakra system you will discover the value of connected and vital energy in all aspects of your life.

In a one on one session, I do an assessment of your chakra energy I tune into you and feel/sense/see your energies. I allow information to flow from that and let you know what I intuit.  The information here can tell me how to advise you in achieving (manifesting) your goals, whether they are physical, mental or emotional changes you want to make or perhaps how to move forward.   This is reinforced in a table session to balance your chakras, energy fields and allow the flow of Reiki to harmonize your healing.  Sessions are typically 1.5 to 2 hrs.




                  A Chakra Reading offers you insight and a means of understanding your own process.  It can assist your self awareness and that is always a good thing!

CHAKRA READING – Emailed to you           Kathy Duffy

Would you like a written reading/assessment of your chakra system?  Each of your chakras (your spiritual/physical computer station) holds a reflection of what is going on in your energy system right now.  By getting a reading of the nature and vibration of the flow, I can offer you some insight into what is influencing your present state.  Starting at the crown I scan for information, symbolism, emotional conditions, etc. through each chakra and let you know what I sense and feel.   The language of energy is a powerful indicator of what you might want to put your attention on to heal, balance and move forward and to get to know yourself in a whole new way.   I have been working with chakra language for over 30 years and I know it provides excellent information for healing and clarity.  The comprehensive assessment will be emailed to you for your reference.  Contact [email protected] to order.  Cost is $75

For more discussion about the chakra system read the post “Chakras, The Energy that Teaches”




Deep Chakra and Aura Balancing –  The chakras and aura  respond very well to energetic clearing and balancing.   There are techniques to reach deep into the energy of the chakras to ascertain and balance for optimum results. The aura surrounds and supports the entire energy field and therefore is sensitive to disturbance from outside as well as being affected by the state of your chakra energy. Having a thorough clearing and balance in these vital energy fields is supportive, healing and a means to get or keep you on track.    This is a table session or can be done at a distance.

Deep Chakra and Aura Cleanse/Balance –  $75

Call Kathy at 724 863 2309   Text at 724 493-3395 or [email protected]


Voices of Reiki – Testimonials






Reiki, A Journey of Love     I can’t believe it has only been a little over a year since I began to learn the Reiki way of life.  That’s exactly what it is for me, a way of life.  Reiki is love in all that we do.  It lies in the truest essence of our thoughts, actions, intentions, and beings.  Before I began to study Reiki, I was unable to stop and enjoy the beauty of each present moment.  I was constantly caught up with expectations and self-criticism…Simply becoming more aware of energy has given me the knowledge and tools to dig deep within myself to discover that I am part of this beautiful universe and the more tools we have, the more we can develop into conscious beings.  Reiki is a sacred treasure that everyone deserves.  The feeling of divine love and light is incomparable.  Reiki has allowed me to feel empowered yet humble, to feel unity yet independence.  Reiki gives us the power to heal things that can limit or hinder ourselves or others.  Essentially everything that craved in my life, the Reiki path has either presented to me or led me to the door I need to unlock…I am eternally grateful for the gift of Reiki passed down to me through the sacred lineage and will carry the love and energy of Reiki always in my soul.

Kelly D.  Reiki Master Practitioner


My Reiki Journey     It is said that a journey of a million miles begins with a single step. Reiki has been my first step in a never ending journey that my soul has begun.  I was curious about it long before I took my first class just over two years ago.  I went in with no preconceived notions and no real plan at going any further unless I felt guided to do so from deep within – and I was.  Reiki has been a gift to me in so many ways.  I find it has stripped me of my helplessness.  I can remember  times where I felt that I wanted to contribute or help someone with a situation and felt powerless to do so.  The feeling of being powerless would bring an anxiety, worry and fear.  Now I have this wonderful technique that I can call upon in those times.  I can allow myself to be that conduit and set the intention for the energy to be sent through me as a contribution to the greater good.  It’s allowed me to handle daily life in a better way…..I feel more calm and peaceful at my core.  Things that bother me don’t seem to bother me now.  I feel more faithful and aligned with positive purpose, no longer living from a place of fear.  Being able to watch the real life, real time power of Reiki healing is witnessing a miracle.   Steph L.  Reiki Master Practitioner



Why I get regular Reiki sessions

I would like to share my insights into the benefits of having regular and routine Reiki treatments with a Reiki practitioner.  As a I get caught up in the hustle and bustle of modern life and its demands(no one excluded here), I forgo giving myself daily treatments which I feel the effects from and then add to it by skipping a session or so with my practitioner.  This scenario occurred last fall while I was working more and planning for a vacation and the upcoming holidays, a time when all of us need more balance and centeredness!!! So while I still enjoyed the thrill of it all, my energy definitely was not optimal nor was my focus as sharp as I desired it to be.  Then comes along the after the holidays effects.  Balancing sunless, cold days of the remainder of winter, kids being cooped up indoors and normal daily task of family life, I could hear the frustration in my voice that week and so could a dear friend of mine.  I went to my Reiki session that week and when I left my appointment, I called the same dear friend who heard “tired” and “frustrated” in my voice only a few short days before, and she asked me with  an inquisitive wonder  “where have you been?”.  I answered , with a energized and zest reply…just got done with receiving my Reiki session!!! She returned with, “I could hear it in your voice”.  You better bet your boots that I make it my intention  to see my Reiki practitioner on a routine basis…a fine tuned tune up for the soul that helps to keep life more balanced!!  Stacey H. 


A Review from a Reiki demonstration and talk at a fibromyalgia support group:

Hi Everyone!
This month’s topic was Reiki.  Kathy Duffy and Janet Jackson of The Energy Connection in North Huntingdon were our guest speakers.  Not only did they give a very informative background on Reiki, they were also very “entertaining”.  Everyone present received a 5 minute therapy session.  No one was left out!!
Reiki is based on the idea that there is a universal energy that supports the body’s innate healing abilitities.  Practioners seek to access this energy, allowing it to flow to the body and facilitate healing.
Reiki is used for relaxation, stress reduction, and symptom relief, in efforts to improve overall health and well-being. It has been used by people with anxiety, chronic pain and other health issues.
Reiki goes into all energy in a positive way.
You really can’t talk about Reiki — YOU JUST HAVE TO EXPERIENCE IT!!!

Comments from members:

My expereince:  I felt a warm relaxing flow through my body.  I did not move my left arm nor Kathy manipulate it in any way, however it did crack!
I have a constant jagging pain in my left hip, it went away instantly (and stayed away until I tripped on Friday)  I was still amazed all day Thursday and Friday morning.  The 5 minutes just felt like MORE!  I really want to experience the full 1 – 11/2 hr session.

Elaine:  Warm flush.  Tingling. Several releases of slow wave like roll moving through my body growing to a release of relaxation.

Nancy:  Felt sensation in right arm.

Celeste: She was very stressed when she came to the meeting; felt really relaxed afterwards.

Linda:  That was a tease!  She could have sat there all night in a Reiki session.

Lynn:  She felt good for a few hours afterwards.

Kathy and Janet recommend the websites and
For more information on Janet and Kathy visit:
Reiki is a reccomended complimentary therapy for fibromyalgia.  I can’t wait for a full session.
Betty K


My Relationship with Reiki!


Before Reiki I was always just getting by.  I was filled with doubt and worry.  I never thought about my spiritual life.  I was only thinking of healing in terms of the physical body.  Now, I am only thinking about spiritual solutions.  I am so much more in touch with my intuition and when something doesn’t feel right to me, I trust it.  I used to force myself to push through situations because I thought that I had to be tough on myself or I would stay stuck.  I can see now that you have to be in the flow and it is supposed to be easy.  We are supposed to feel good, and when we don’t feel good something needs adjusting.  I am equally grateful for the times when I feel good and when I don’t feel good because they both teach me more about myself.

Reiki really helped me get through one of the hardest times in my life.  Reiki helped me process my emotions and release them.  I felt as if I had this shield that was protecting me and keeping me safe from going down a dark path.  When I would start to get attacks of anxiety I would put my hand on my chest and the anxiety would be gone in less than 5 minutes.

I now feel a strong connection with myself and everything around me.  I can feel that we all come from the same source and are made of up light. I always knew this, but now I feel connected to it.

I finally feel like I have something more than a sympathetic ear to offer someone.  I can make a difference in my life and other people’s lives.   I have a power and a strength that has been awakened.  Reiki is like a special superpower that is always protecting and guiding me.

Reiki has brought me more peace than I have ever known.   I can’t imagine my life without it.

~Angie R.  Reiki Master Practitioner





Healing in the Universal Grace of God

Healing in the Universal Grace of God

Healing with the Universal Grace of God

HUGG Method for Angel Healing



In the healing method of HUGG the elements of Grace and Angelic Harmonic Energy connect you permanently and fully to your intentions.  This newly divined healing method came as a sacred knowing to its creators Janet Jackson and Kathy Duffy.  Since beginning to work in the Field of Grace and with the assistance of the powerful Archangels, many revelations were offered and received so that we could bring this simple, sacred healing method to you.

We offer this experience to you in private sessions and/or you can learn how to do this method yourself. Many have already felt the special nature of working in grace and with the angels and report it to be an amazing transcendent healing   That is because the loving nature of blessed energy allows healing on deep levels and in every aspect of your being. HUGG reaches to a soul level that feels totally unifying and peaceful.

Learning HUGG is so accessible.  It is a life changing 4 hour class and at completion you will be connected in a sacred blessing ceremony to the method’s unique angelic frequency so you can perform it for yourself, for others, for animals.  In person, or at a distance.  It is simply presented and easily learned so anyone can do it without restriction.  A  HUGG session can be as short as 15 minutes or as long as you wish.  No special skill or prior training is needed here, simply a heart connection and a sincere intention.  

If you need a HUGG, just call and make an appointment or join one of our next instruction class


LEVEL ONE:  Learn about HUGG, instruction, blessing ceremony, practice:  Manual included for your future reference.

LEVEL TWO:  Expansion and additional technique instruction and practice:  Enhanced Manual included.  (Level One prerequisite)

Tuition:  $100 per level –  small class size so register early!

Check Calendar for our upcoming schedule:

 (Past students are also welcome to audit full class as a refresher for $45)



Private sessions:  in person or at a distance –    CALL to  SCHEDULE

” First H.U.G.G. I experienced was done in October in a private session.  Had never heard of it before and had no idea what to expect.  Felt wonderful afterwards…much more relaxed and at peace.  I am not normally a very visual person, but that night while drifting off to sleep, I saw visions of beings in the distance with bright colored lights (sometimes flashing).  Images did not linger long- they faded in and out.  This was actually the first night in a while that I was able to sleep in my bed instead of a recliner.

I did take the H.U.G.G. class offered and it’s pretty awesome.  The HUGG symbol is very powerful..  When I raise my hands to open to God’s grace, I can feel the flow of grace coming down to me.

I have not yet used it on others but I do HUGG myself to sleep most nights and sleep much better.  Sometimes I do not even get through the entire routine before I fall asleep.  I do sense beings around me and can sometimes catch a glimpse of someone.  I have been feeling better physically and emotionally since practicing the H.U.G.G. method! ”        Barb D


“What I most enjoy about HUGG is the fullness of the healing energy that flows when this method is practiced. The simplicity and flexibility of its protocol make it easy to use, and the feeling that the healing energy continues flowing even when your session concludes is reassuring.”   Pam T


I just took the HUGG Class and it was amazing. Kathy and Janet are quite the team to teach this wonderful energy process. They both add their special touches that are perfect. From the start of this process you will feel the warmth of the  Grace of God flowing with the help of all the Archangels. The presence of pure light and love in the room creates profound peace. In my practice I have added HUGG to my Reiki treatments and receive such positive feedback. During the end of the healing Angelic Grace literally pulsates from the angels surrounding your body and whom ever  is receiving this holy modality. I really also love at the end of the session wrapping and enclosing  the client in Grace—it’s so Mothering……

In Love and big HUGG BLESSINGS.  Marcia P

hugg manual cover clip



angel (1)


Bi-monthly  see calendar for specific dates

You are invited to join this group healing dedicated to Angel vibration.  Bask in the wonderful healing and loving energy of Angels of Light and Love.

Janet Jackson, Angel Specialist and Healer, will lead you on a journey of deep connection with the angelic realm.  Bring your intentions to the Angels and know they are present for you in wholeness.

This group will meet BI-monthly.  All are welcome once or often.  Love donation $10