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Reiki, A Journey of Love     I can’t believe it has only been a little over a year since I began to learn the Reiki way of life.  That’s exactly what it is for me, a way of life.  Reiki is love in all that we do.  It lies in the truest essence of our thoughts, actions, intentions, and beings.  Before I began to study Reiki, I was unable to stop and enjoy the beauty of each present moment.  I was constantly caught up with expectations and self-criticism…Simply becoming more aware of energy has given me the knowledge and tools to dig deep within myself to discover that I am part of this beautiful universe and the more tools we have, the more we can develop into conscious beings.  Reiki is a sacred treasure that everyone deserves.  The feeling of divine love and light is incomparable.  Reiki has allowed me to feel empowered yet humble, to feel unity yet independence.  Reiki gives us the power to heal things that can limit or hinder ourselves or others.  Essentially everything that craved in my life, the Reiki path has either presented to me or led me to the door I need to unlock…I am eternally grateful for the gift of Reiki passed down to me through the sacred lineage and will carry the love and energy of Reiki always in my soul.

Kelly D.


My Reiki Journey     It is said that a journey of a million miles begins with a single step. Reiki has been my first step in a never ending journey that my soul has begun.  I was curious about it long before I took my first class just over two years ago.  I went in with no preconceived notions and no real plan at going any further unless I felt guided to do so from deep within – and I was.  Reiki has been a gift to me in so many ways.  I find it has stripped me of my helplessness.  I can remember  times where I felt that I wanted to contribute or help someone with a situation and felt powerless to do so.  The feeling of being powerless would bring an anxiety, worry and fear.  Now I have this wonderful technique that I can call upon in those times.  I can allow myself to be that conduit and set the intention for the energy to be sent through me as a contribution to the greater good.  It’s allowed me to handle daily life in a better way…..I feel more calm and peaceful at my core.  Things that bother me don’t seem to bother me now.  I feel more faithful and aligned with positive purpose, no longer living from a place of fear.  Being able to watch the real life, real time power of Reiki healing is witnessing a miracle.   Steph L.



Why I get regular Reiki sessions

I would like to share my insights into the benefits of having regular and routine Reiki treatments with a Reiki practitioner.  As a I get caught up in the hustle and bustle of modern life and its demands(no one excluded here), I forgo giving myself daily treatments which I feel the effects from and then add to it by skipping a session or so with my practitioner.  This scenario occurred last fall while I was working more and planning for a vacation and the upcoming holidays, a time when all of us need more balance and centeredness!!! So while I still enjoyed the thrill of it all, my energy definitely was not optimal nor was my focus as sharp as I desired it to be.  Then comes along the after the holidays effects.  Balancing sunless, cold days of the remainder of winter, kids being cooped up indoors and normal daily task of family life, I could hear the frustration in my voice that week and so could a dear friend of mine.  I went to my Reiki session that week and when I left my appointment, I called the same dear friend who heard “tired” and “frustrated” in my voice only a few short days before, and she asked me with  an inquisitive wonder  “where have you been?”.  I answered , with a energized and zest reply…just got done with receiving my Reiki session!!! She returned with, “I could hear it in your voice”.  You better bet your boots that I make it my intention  to see my Reiki practitioner on a routine basis…a fine tuned tune up for the soul that helps to keep life more balanced!!


A Review from a Reiki demonstration and talk at a fibromyalgia support group:

Hi Everyone!
This month’s topic was Reiki.  Kathy Duffy and Janet Jackson of The Energy Connection in North Huntingdon were our guest speakers.  Not only did they give a very informative background on Reiki, they were also very “entertaining”.  Everyone present received a 5 minute therapy session.  No one was left out!!
Reiki is based on the idea that there is a universal energy that supports the body’s innate healing abilitities.  Practioners seek to access this energy, allowing it to flow to the body and facilitate healing.
Reiki is used for relaxation, stress reduction, and symptom relief, in efforts to improve overall health and well-being. It has been used by people with anxiety, chronic pain and other health issues.
Reiki goes into all energy in a positive way.
You really can’t talk about Reiki — YOU JUST HAVE TO EXPERIENCE IT!!!

Comments from members:

My expereince:  I felt a warm relaxing flow through my body.  I did not move my left arm nor Kathy manipulate it in any way, however it did crack!
I have a constant jagging pain in my left hip, it went away instantly (and stayed away until I tripped on Friday)  I was still amazed all day Thursday and Friday morning.  The 5 minutes just felt like MORE!  I really want to experience the full 1 – 11/2 hr session.

Elaine:  Warm flush.  Tingling. Several releases of slow wave like roll moving through my body growing to a release of relaxation.

Nancy:  Felt sensation in right arm.

Celeste: She was very stressed when she came to the meeting; felt really relaxed afterwards.

Linda:  That was a tease!  She could have sat there all night in a Reiki session.

Lynn:  She felt good for a few hours afterwards.

Kathy and Janet recommend the websites www.reiki.org and www.healthjourneys.com.
For more information on Janet and Kathy visit: www.theenergyconnection.net.
Reiki is a reccomended complimentary therapy for fibromyalgia.  I can’t wait for a full session.
Betty K


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