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* Reiki Master Practitioner-L3Reiki Master Practitioner-L3

Time: 10:00 am

MASTER PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATION Level 3 10 am to 5:00 pm Dive deep! If you are a Reiki Level Two and feel the draw to become "more"...this is the Level that will get you there! The Interconnected Master Level is an opportunity to attune your vibrational energy to another, deeper level of connection. This level affords you the vehicle to go inward and upward in your journey. Transformation is the keyword when talking about Level Three. You will enjoy a deeply personal "Soul Attunement" (exclusive to Energy Connection School) and meet your Master Guide. A Master symbol will enhance your practice as well as allowing a new appreciation of the Divine within you. Completion of this class will earn you a "Usui Reiki Master Practitioner" certification., (Prerequisite is Usui Reiki Level 2) Register with a $150 deposit to hold your space. Payment in full prior to class. Total tuition $300.... Cash, Check, Master Card/Visa/Discover accepted. Click on class title to register or [email protected]

* Group Guided MeditationGroup Guided Meditation

Join this circle of restoration, healing and guided meditation with Kathy Duffy at 6:30. Call/Text Kathy to reserve your seat. 724-493-3395. $10 Donation.


Time: 6:30 pm

Just as the phases of the moon affect the seas, they can also send waves of emotions and energy through us. Creating rituals at the full moon will allow you to tune into your inner world and your higher self, and use the energies available to us. Connect to your emotions and allow them to guide you forward. The full moon is also a time to release and receive. During this time we are letting go of the old, releasing what no longer serves us. Full moons are a time for celebration and connection. Gather with us and harness the powerful magic of the full moon. Let go. Cleanse. Release. Open to the possibilities. Create. Text Mia to register and reserve your space, 724-219-9375 Cost is $20 payment can be sent through PayPal to [email protected]

* Balance Your Life W/Reiki WCCCBalance Your Life W/Reiki WCCC

Time: 6:00 pm

Register with WESTMORELAND COMMUNITY COLLEGE (for Westmoreland County residents) Register by calling 724 925 4204 Curious about Reiki? If you want an overview of what Reiki is and what it can be used for you will want to enroll in this class. As a valued palliative therapy Reiki is used world wide to encourage the natural balance of the body and assist in stress release...thereby helping pain, anxiety or in general simply giving the body/mind/spirit messages of healing. Also hear about using Reiki for your animal friends! Short Reiki demos will be offered to class members. Register only with Westmoreland Community College

* She Gathers-Women's CircleShe Gathers-Women's Circle

Time: 6:30 pm

Gather with like-minded women to heal, share, grow and prosper. Monthly on 2nd Thursday. If you want to to join, Call or text Anna Smith, Facilitator at 412-720-5759. 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. $15 Donation

* REIKI LEVEL 1 - In PersonREIKI LEVEL 1 - In Person

Time: 10:00 am

On Satruday, October 15, 2022 -- 10 am to 5:30 - with second session October 26, 2022 (Both sessions required for Certification) Classes will be held in person at the Energy Connection Reiki School in North Huntingdon, PA Professional, heart centered training beginning in Level One of Reiki in the Usui Reiki tradition. If you have been drawn to define your natural healing abilities and want to apply them to yourself and others...Reiki will open the door to unlimited possibilities of expressing and sharing the high vibration of spiritual energy. Everyone can learn and practice Reiki, it is an uncomplicated yet powerful modality for countless applications...all directed toward balance, harmony, healing, relaxation, clarity, physical, mental and emotional support and much much more. Reiki has changed many lives and one of them could be yours! You will receive a manual and Certificate and the advantage of experienced instructors. By end of the first day you will learn and practice Reiki with others. Tuition for full class: $150.00 PayPal with the link provided or you may send $50 deposit or full payment % Linda Yarbrough, Energy Connection, 150 Robbins Station Road, North Huntingdon, Pa 15642. (PLEASE NOTE NAME, CLASS TO BE ATTENDED, DATE OF CLASS, EMAIL AND PHONE ON PAYMENT) You may also register and pay by credit card by calling Linda Yarbrough at 412-760-6933. For questions, please call Linda at above or Mia Rusinko at 724-219-9375.


Time: 1:00 pm

1 TO 4:30 PM This class for kids 7 to 11 is especially structured to introduce and teach kids how to do Reiki for themselves, their pets and family. Simplified for young minds with big hearts. $60 (includes take home book) Parent encouraged to stay and support your children's experience.

* Developing Mediumship - ZOOMDeveloping Mediumship - ZOOM

Time: 6:30 pm

In this ongoing class series we will continue to connect to your mediumistic abilities and learn to recognize the spirit world around you. Everyone has the potential to sense and perceive the spirit world and receive evidence that those we love who have left their Earthly bodies carry on existing in the spiritual realm. Mediumship can offer us many gifts by delivering us authentic messages from the spirit world to provide us with answers, comfort, healing and resolution. Text Mia at 1 (724) 219-9375 to register or send payment to [email protected], using PayPal. Cost is $40


Time: 6:30 pm

All relationships create psychic/energetic ties. Some feel good, others do not. Don't waste your energy on draining relationships! Relationships can include partners, relatives, friends, coworkers, exes. You even continue to have relationships with those that have crossed over. In this class you will learn how to manage the ties that bind you to painful or difficult relationships by practicing techniques that utilize intention, visualization and spiritual focus. By changing the amount of connected energy within a difficult dynamic, you will free yourself from persistent feelings of emotions like anger, resentment, hurt and disappointment. In breaking ties that bind, you will be releasing your attachment to the emotionally harmful aspects of a relationship and gain a new coping perspective. Breaking ties does not necessarily mean you must end a relationship. You will just be ending your participation in a negative dynamic that is holding you hostage. The nonconstructive energy exchange will be disconnected making way for adjusting and healing for all. Anna Smith facilitator. Tuition $35 6:30 - 8:30 Register by calling or texting Ann at 412 346-8009; payment can be made in advance with [email protected] or Cash App to $Annasmithreiki or payment can be made in person


Time: 10:00 am

Ready to take your Reiki to the next level? Learn to send Reiki over distance and expand your ability to help others with deep healing in the mental/emotional aspects. Experience a powerful healing for yourself as you connect to the high vibration of Reiki Level Two. You will no longer feel helpless in any situation you encounter from helping loved ones from a distance to world events and natural disasters. You will receive a manual, a Certificate of Completion and the advantage of learning from experienced instructors. Your Completion class (Part 2 of 2) is Mon., Nov. 7 at 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm PREREQUISITE: Reiki Level One Certification. Tuition $225.00. Pre-registration is required with $100 deposit. Payment in full prior to class. TO REGISTER or QUESTIONS: Call/text Janet @ 724-244-4471, or Kathy @ 724-493-3395. TO PAY: Click on class title above to pay deposit/in full via Paypal (Note name, phone & date of class in memo). Cash, Checks or credit cards also accepted. OR MAIL PAYMENTS/DEPOSITS to: Energy Connection, 150 Robbins Station Rd., North Huntingdon, PA 15642


Time: 6:30 pm

New Moon Meditation & Manifesting Just as the phases of the moon affect the seas, they can also send waves of emotions and energy through us. The new moon is a more settled time, and one of reflection and turning inwards. This phase is much calmer and brings with it a sense of stillness; the perfect time to focus on new beginnings and asking for what you want. Join us to quiet your mind and open your heart. Get clear within yourself on what you want to manifest and use the new moon energy to inspire! Text Mia at (724) 219-9375 to register and reserve your space. Cost is $20, payment can be sent through PayPal to [email protected]


Time: 6:30 pm

Explore frequencies, vibration, cell regeneration, healing sound, crystal light modalities with Paul Bando (CEO/Cellular Therapeutics) in this months Holistic Health Seminar. Lots of valuable insight and information awaits! Reserve text Paul at 724 516 3361 $10 donation

* Reiki Level 1 CompletionReiki Level 1 Completion

Time: 6:30 pm

Complete your SEPTEMBER 18 training with more sharing, inspiration and knowledge. Receive your certificate upon completion.

* Pennies From Heaven - WCCCPennies From Heaven - WCCC

Time: 6:00 pm

Register with WESTMORELAND COMMUNITY COLLEGE by calling 724-925-4204. 6pm-8 pm. Do coins seem to appear in your path when you least expect them? Do you often find strange objects in unexpected places? Could someone be sending a special message? Join Linda Yarbrough as she discusses how these signs and symbols have brought peace and love into her life after experiencing tragic loss.


Time: 6:30 pm

Calling forth the Ancestors to assist in a soothing and clearing of generational trauma. We will discuss the way in which trauma passes from one generation to the next, and ask for ancestral assistance in the breaking and removing of these lineal connections and for the empowerment of ourselves and future descendants. If you have a sacred item, a picture, etc of an ancestor you would like to show gratitude or call to ceremony, please feel free to bring in an item. $40 Register by calling or texting Anna at 412-346-8009 with first and last name and cell phone number, payment can be made in advance by Venmo @Anna-Smith-639, Cash App to $Annasmithreiki or payment can be made in person.

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