Personal Services

Each of our team members offers special personalized services to augment their offerings here at Energy Connection. If you are interested in pursuing any of the following, or simply in doing additional work with one of our team, be sure to click on the name links provided to visit their web sites.

By practitioner:

Kathy Duffy
Janet Jackson

By category:

spacerReiki Sessions and HUGG Spiritual Healing Sessions – serving North Huntingdon, Greensburg and surrounding Westmoreland County

Relax and Heal in the care of our experienced practitioners
(available in person and remotely)
Kathy and Janet

spacerAnimal Reiki Sessions

For your pet’s physical and emotional wellbeing
(available at your location and remotely)

spacerIntuitive Animal Communication Sessions

Your pet has something to say to you, find out what it is

spacerHealing Sessions – Chakra and Aura Work
Angel Healing, Emotional Release, Energy Medicine, and more

A variety of deep healing modalities specifically targeting your needs
Kathy and Janet

spacerIntuitive Spiritual Counseling

For clarity and assistance speak to an intuitive advisor
Kathy and Janet

spacerAngel Messages

Receive a written message of guidance from the Angelic Realm

spacerPast Life Profiles

Your past assists your present
A written profile describing an important lifetime

spacerHolistic Health Services

Balance your health and well being
Health Profiles, Certified Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils; Whole Food Supplements

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