Usui (Traditional based) Reiki training classes means that we respect the traditional philosophy and simplicity of Reiki through the lineage of the founder, Dr. Usui.   Our classes are designed to give you foundational knowledge while allowing your spiritual connection to grow and be honored with each subsequent level.  Energy Connection School for Reiki has been teaching the spiritual practice of Reiki for over 17 years.  Your instructors Kathy Duffy and Janet Jackson each have over 20 years Reiki experience and have been privileged to lead hundreds of people just like you to Reiki.

We hope you will join the community of healing and love created at Energy Connection.   

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Here are our Fall 2017 classes.  Reiki Levels One, Two and Three courses each consist of 2 sessions.

REIKI LEVEL ONE Certification Training  – Your first and basic training in method, philosophy and possibilities.  An inspiration to heal and help yourself and others.



Session 1 Sunday September 17  10 am to 5:30 pm + Completion Class Thursday October 5 (6:30 to 9 pm)


Session 1 Saturday  NOVEMBER  11  10 am to 5:30 pm + Completion Class Wednesday NOVEMBER 29 (6:30 to 9 pm)


Tuition:  $125,includes professional manual, charts and certificate  ($50 due upon registration, see refund policy below)*


After your Level One training and after an integration and experiential period of about 6 weeks or more,  you can further your connection to the possibilities using Reiki for deeper, purposeful applications – Healing at a Distance and Emotional/Mental Clearing.


Session One: SUNDAY NOVEMBER 5 from 10 am to 5:30 pm + Completion Class Thursday NOVEMBER 16  (6:30 – 9:00 pm) 

 Tuition:  $200 includes professional manual, special emotional healing protocol instructions  and certificate  ($100 due upon registration. **see refund policy below)

REIKI LEVEL THREE:  Master Practitioner Level


This Level of Reiki is for those so guided to elevate the inner connection to their Higher Self; and in doing so experience a quantum leap in self-awareness, self healing, internal guidance and empowerment.  After this level your Reiki will become more and more integrated into all aspects of your being.  Upon certification, you will designated a Master Practitioner.  Reiki One and Two are prerequisites and typically 6 or more months of integration and practice of Reiki is advised.  This level includes a “soul attunement” especially created to elevate your awareness.

This Master Class is typically taught only two times a year.  Here is our Fall Class date

Saturday OCTOBER 7 from 10 am to 5:30  pm with a special follow up/healing completion on  at 6:30 pm Friday OCTOBER 18 (6:30 – 9:00 PM)

Tuition is $300.  includes manual, inspiration and healing  ($100 deposit required at registration, see refund policy below)*

Note: *  REFUND POLICY – After registration, student cancellations/no shows will be assessed a $30 cancellation fee.  All other prepaid fees will be credited toward future class at your discretion.  If we cancel the class, all prepaid fees will be refunded or credited.


If you have the desire to revisit Level One or Two of your Reiki training you attended through Energy Connection School of Reiki or if you feel “stale” and need re-engergized you are welcome to join our classes as an auditor.  You can receive a booster attunement and benefit by a new class experience.  Tuition is 50% of regular fees.

For those trained in other schools or classes: Because our trainings follow a consistent standard and are based in Usui lineage philosophy, we can discuss your situation and determine if you can audit or it would be in your best interest to take our classes as a new student.



If you feel called to share Reiki through teaching it to others please inquire about our excellence program. Our mission is to mentor and guide potential teachers through all aspects of sharing, teaching and upholding the Reiki traditions.Being a Reiki Teacher is a sacred place of trust, sharing and inspiring others and it is essential that you are willing to devote time to your development.  You will work closely with your mentor and experience all levels of Reiki instruction as well as activities, practice and service to expand your Reiki knowledge on all levels. Contact Kathy or Janet for more information and how to apply for teacher training. Prerequisite are certifications in Reiki One, Two and Three  Please Note: if you have received online training, we will gladly discuss your quality/satisfaction of that training to determine your next step.



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